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You'll notice if you work with me that I build my sites from back to front. That's why this page is SSL secured, email systems are fully-functional, SMS response to your opt-ins is in operation, etc.

  • Every button works unless it's not supposed to! (wait, some buttons aren't supposed to work?!)
  • Check out the demo page.
  • Yes, I make websites and I manage digital acquisition campaigns; but I'm foremost a margins and strategy guy. 
  • My business is in increasing profitability while also increasing marketing efforts.
  • I do this by developing digital systems and by discovering new strategic opportunities.
  • Then systematically optimizing those systems to meet your objective.
  • Sometimes that objective is sales. 
  • Sometimes it's leads. 
  • Sometimes it's analysis and testing. 
  • Sometimes it's innovating a new and more-efficient offer.
  • And sometimes, a business needs to expand into a new area or increase their average customer value. 
  • This is marketing with a panoptic and analytical mindset, where we partner to uncover hidden strategic advantages and increase your bottom-line.
  • Innovate. Optimize. Win.
  • E-mail chris@chrisevansmarketing.com to book a call.
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